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Plan & Manage

We offer traditional general contracting services as well as preconstruction, construction management and design/build services. Solba Limited will perform work on both negotiated and competitive bid basis.

Build / Construct

Offering a comprehensive range of construction services enables us to tailor a delivery system which matches our clients' needs, goals and budget. SOLBA' commitment to these services adds value to your project and helps ensure its success.

Civil Engineering

We provide all civil engineering services ranging from surveys, designs, construction and commissioning for civil jobs such as roads, heavy duty pavements, water course management, heavy duty storm drainage, domestic and industrial soil/waste drainage, waste water & water treatment construction/installations, airfield works, railway works, bulk earth shifting and earthworks.

Construction Management

We provide skilled construction teams to service all your needs from the conception stage of projects through to the completion and delivery of all products, this drastically minimize your risk and amplify your benefits.


We provide professional investigations and interpretation needs to all your ground and underground approaches to your developments

Labour Broking

We provide skilled construction professionals and teams to services on labour only basis.


We provide skilled land and engineering surveying services either on subcontract basis or as part of our core project businesses using the latest technological equipment and softwares.

Latest Technology

We give you state of the arts Suveying, Architecture and Construction tailor-made to suit your commercial or institutional needs to make your mouth water.
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We have the expertise and the experience needed to make your commercial or institutional construction and haulage engineering a success.

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